Refusal of planning for
Slyers Lane Wind Farm

WDDC Planning Committee 28th Jan 2016

The Councillors voted 3 in support and 6 against.

More than half of the Case Officer’s report recommending refusal focussed on visual impacts as did the majority of speakers against - no surprise here. We can be very proud that on the day 24 speakers, from Churches Together, Friends of the Earth, Transition Town, Dorchester Town Council, Green Party, Slyers Lane Clean Energy Group and many individuals stood up to speak.

The urgent need for action on climate change, the potential for wind to generate far more and improve energy security, the sense that Dorset is lagging behind other areas, concern for future generations, and the fact that much of public supported Slyers and its appearance in the landscape were points raised.

The Slyers Lane site is one of a handful in Dorset that have enough wind, are outside designated areas like AONB, required distance from houses and historic areas etc. By refusing it, West Dorset District Council is saying

 1. No wind energy in Dorset

 2. that they accept that Dorset will fail to meet renewable energy target by 2020 and will not help the UK meet its legally binding 15% target.

After Paris, the word is URGENT; in Dorset it still seems to be about the VIEW.

What next?


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